Spring 2023


During the semester, I worked simultaneously with the three subject matters–The Self, The Nomad, and The Divine–as they constantly overlap in my art practice. The project ended with the presentation of an art installation. I explored human emotions and experiences entangled with the realities we encounter in our contemporary societies.

 With this project, I aim to reach the audience— regardless of age, culture, gender, race, or political preferences— and take them on an introspective journey about our present times. This work invites people to think about what we are becoming as human beings and how emotions– a universal element of the human condition–lead most of our experiences.

The Process is an essential element in my work. I intuitively listen to the materials and let them guide me. I will work with a magical realism style, as it is the only way to give the unconscious a voice.

I am referencing four primary authors:

  • Gustave Le Bon and Serge Moscovici, Social Psychologists, investigated how the interaction of the Self with the crowd could lead to a lack of consciousness. 
  • Gilles Lipovetsky, the philosopher whose writings analyze the extreme individualism in contemporary societies. 
  • Carl Jung’s analytical theory will guide me to deeply explore the inner aspects of the Self, the Nomad, and the Divine in a quest for wholeness.

My artistic references all over these there projects: Eva Hess, Wangechi Mutu, Louise Bourgeois, Sonia Gomes, Hannah Höch, 


The Self:
The Nomad:
The Divine:
Final Installation – Video Documentation:


Soft Sculptures _ Spring

They are born from the interaction between the repurposed fabrics and my inner self. The conversation starts when I turn off my reason and let the materials become what they want to be.


Fall 2022

Soft Sculptures

Following last summer’s critiques, I decided to explore for the first time tridimensionality and new materials. I chose to work with soft sculptures with reclaimed
In November, after taking a workshop with the Taiwanese artist Yen-Yu Tseng, I adopted wrapping to complete this body of work.
In parallel, I explored automatic writing as a complement to the visual work. I created a video showing my process, using this writing to give the materials a voice, and let them to express how they lived through this metamorphosis.
On the other hand, after taking a Sound class with Professor Judy Dunaway, I discovered other possibilities to expand my artistic vocabulary.
These four months working with an unfamiliar medium enriched and added new layers to my practice.

Soft Sculptures:


Summer 2022