The Divine


In this project, I will explore the divine concept from a perspective of wholeness=love=divine. Two essential elements constantly demonstrate it; Love and Nature.
Love: No matter the religion or spiritual beliefs, love is the most potent concept leading our lives. To fully express it in all its forms, we need to first experiment the wholeness, as Carl Jung defined it: the unification of our conscious and unconscious of having consciousness and awareness. For C. Jung: “Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling.”
Nature: Gaia, Pacha Mama, Mother Earth, is a continuous message of the perfection of wholeness and the divine.
Quoting Carl Jung, “Our present lives are dominated by the goddess Reason, our greatest and most tragic illusion. By the aid of reason, we assure ourselves, we have “conquered nature.”

I will bring to light more questions than responses.

What if, one day, humankind had enough wisdom to recognize itself as one creature among others, removing the anthropocentrism ideas that dominate our life on this planet?
What if, one day, humankind forgets races, culture, gender, categories, power, and economic principles, living only through universal love?
What if we could transcend as individuals to help change this societal turmoil we are experiencing now?


I’ll create a 24″ x 30″ x 14″ abstract sculpture symbolizing a heart made with two layers of metal mesh. Then I will cover it with natural plants inserted in glass tubes to imagine humans blended with nature, hence with wholeness. In addition, other elements like stones, wood, and soil will complete the piece.
The plants I chose- water and air adapted- are examples of resilience, adaptation, and generosity. The first only needs water to grow roots from steam, and the latter only needs air humidity to survive.
Beneath the mesh sculpture, I’ll place seven pieces of the same heart shape on the floor in various dimensions representing all molting phases. The lighting illuminating the pieces will be color spotlights.
All plants I chose for the piece, once adapted, could live for years. They just need some water and humidity.
This piece is an invitation to transcend and live in wholeness, hence experiencing the inner divine. This transformation could reverse the vicious circle we are living in at present and hopefully start a virtuous circle. From the individual to the collective, therefore, the whole society with it.









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